Emoji Planet slot online from NetEnt

Do you know what this emoji means? $$$$$ thousands of them await you!

The world’s best game developer has done it again! Emoji Planet™ exceeds all expectations

Welcome to the world of fun, NetEnt has elevated your gaming pleasure to a new level with their latest slot machines, by the name of Emoji Planet™!

The way of communicating with each other through the expression of small icons started in Japan in the 1990s, but by 2010 this way had already become a popular worldwide phenomenon, look how far behind we were. Today, Emoji symbols are an everyday form of communication, and emoticons are even making their way onto slot machine reels.

Game manufacturer NetEnt’s idea to produce a slot game out of expressive yellow symbols was a rather spectacular element in the game’s development phase, and on many gaming sites it was a total flop. Especially when the Emoji movie flopped, the slot game was expected to meet the same fate. Many commented on whether NetEnt could make a slot game on any theme. NetEnt is also known for being a gaming house that is impossible to make.

Game details

  • Name Emoji Planet.
  • Software Net Entertainment.
  • Type Video Slots.
  • Desktop Compatible Yes.
  • Mobile compatible Yes.
  • Tablet Compatible Yes.
  • Reels 6.
  • Progressive NO.
  • Max Jackpot 100.000.
  • Max cash jackpot 100,000.
  • Max playable tokens –
  • Wild Symbol YES.
  • YES Multiplier.
  • Scatter Symbol NO.
  • Free Spins NO.
  • Betting Range 0.20-200,000.
  • Bets in chips 0.01-1.0.
  • Chips per line 10.
  • Bonus game YES.

Such is the Emoji Planet™ slot machine: familiarise yourself with the game’s features before playing

In the Emoji Planet™ slot game, we get to see emoji symbols in a new way we didn’t think possible. This game is impossible to play when you’re having a grey day as you can see the game filled with colourful rainbows, twinkling stars, cuddly clouds and expressive names that will change your mood. Add more cheerful music in the background and you are lucky to have a winning combination. However, don’t let these friends just affect your mood, but let us show you how much they make you money!

Emoji Planet™ is a slot machine made up over 5 reels and 6 paylines, but that doesn’t mean it’s hard to win this game, on the contrary. The Emoji Planet™ slot game has a high return rate of 96.4%, which is slightly higher than the average of the average game developer. To win, you must land five identical emojis next to each other. It gives you the chance to win several times in one round. How much you can win depends on your bets. You can bet from 0.20 and up to 200 $. Ideal for all types of players.

To win extra bonus on Emoji Planet™ Slot Machine go to the symbols that give the most money

To win many Emoji Planet™ slot games, you should especially look out for those five symbols. They are bombs, rocket launchers, vultures, nuggets and heart symbols. To trigger your bonuses, you must have a 12-digit combination in the field. Below you can see what these specialities do.

The best

  • A fun and colourful slot machine
  • Wild symbol available
  • Up to 100,000 in prizes

The worst thing about it

  • No scatter symbol
  • Only 6 paylines
  • No progressive jackpot

When the bomb is triggered, eight random symbols explode and give you odds of 5 to 100 per symbol.

When the rocket is activated, the wild symbols in the game collect on the screen and give you a winning combination.

Pizza specials, in turn, bring 3 x 3 sized symbols into the game and win you coins. Emoji Planet™ is a very original new type of slot and we’re glad to see something different. However, don’t worry. We are again grateful to NetEnt for offering high quality casino gaming entertainment and to the fact that they are always on the ball offering always the best to surprise us and give us doses of unlimited entertainment.

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