How to win at Keno

The Keno lottery was known in ancient China. And with the income received from the game the construction of the Great Wall of China was financed. Centuries passed and many different techniques appeared, including serious mathematical models, involved in a study of the tactics of the game. Are there ways to get not only exciting pleasure, but also a solid increase of the most ancient entertainment?

Tips from real winners

Players who won real money in the Keno lottery, say that according to their observations, it is worth examining only the card of the last 10-50 draws, where you can notice certain logic and regularities. The previous results will only disperse your attention. The following lesson can be taken from their useful recommendations: test the system for one or two dozen draws and only after that play in amounts that can bring significant profits.

Other winners claim that they won only when they left all their serious calculations and did not think about gambling tactics, enjoying passive passion. But winnings in such cases are often small.

You can follow various tips: choose a number from each ten, write down the figures from the car number plate or even use the numbers on the banknotes, but you should always listen to your intuition and even integrate your mood at the time of betting. Useful advice – do not gamble drunk. It is also advisable to choose the internet cafe, where you will be inspired not only by the energy of this place, but also by the terminal cashier. And if you want to participate in professional gambling with decent profits, you should take the time to study the mathematical basics of lotteries, theories of probability and combinatorics of numbers.

Probability theory and betting on the outcome of reverse event

First and foremost, it is important to note that the outcomes of lotteries are not linked, and random numbers are always generated. According to the theory of probability, one can expect a uniform distribution of balls and put on such numbers that have not fallen in the previous issues. This method is called “betting on the reverse event outcome”. By triggering exactly the opposite, it is worth to choose numbers that fall often or even close. For example, if the 30-ball comes up, then the 31-ball has a high probability of falling in the specified draw.

D’Alembert and Martingale Method

This method is popular in all forms of gambling, be it a lottery or roulette, as it works even with small amounts. It consists of steadily increasing the stakes after a loss. Thus, in each subsequent game, the previous loss will be compensated in case of a win. In case of a win, respectively, the bet has to be reduced.

Strategy “Series of numbers”.

The German progressive strategy of Keno and other games of chance is based on increasing the stake after a loss in a way to recover the play in cash. This is a more reasonable scheme, rather than a martingale scheme, but still quite risky. First the player selects the amount of the expected win and the time. If he/she wins, the player reduces the bet to 2 numbers and to the game without the desired outcome adds a number. As you can see, if you make the effort and explore the various methods of play, you can achieve good results, or, at least, have fun, because in the Keno lottery today plays everyone!

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