Online Casino Payment Trends

A Casino Payments Revolution Is To Come?

2021 might go down in the history of iGambling as the year when many industry experts have shifted focus on the financial aspect. No wonder, recent studies carried out in multiple countries have displayed that most customers associate the reliability of a web casino directly with its payment services. Why Think About Payment Before Games […]

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4 Mathematical Strategies for Winning at BlackJack

The key to this lies in mathematics: using probability and statistical calculations, it is possible to minimise the house edge and win more money. There are several tricks that we already talked about in the article 11 must-know tricks to play Black Jack. But, first, we warn you about something: to understand the contents of […]

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How to win at Keno

How to win at Keno? Secrets and strategies

The Keno lottery was known in ancient China. And with the income received from the game the construction of the Great Wall of China was financed. Centuries passed and many different techniques appeared, including serious mathematical models, involved in a study of the tactics of the game. Are there ways to get not only exciting […]

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