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A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away… I don’t remember when I made my debut in the world of online gambling, or even what my first bet was, but I do remember the day I discovered live betting. Well, let’s see, I remember the situation, because the far away galaxy could also be applied here without any problem.

The important thing is that it was a Madrid-Barça Saturday. We met up at my friend Chema’s house and I arrived before anyone else to have lunch with him and watch the Premier League match. Liverpool were playing, but don’t ask me who they were playing against, because as happens in true stories, the facts get lost with time and the n$n can’t take any more, I’m sorry.

The story was that we were watching the match and at one point my friend challenged me to put money in a betting account I had, and start betting live, which I thought was an interesting idea.

I don’t remember if we won or lost, which means we probably ended up with losses, but what I will never forget is that we had a great time and we jumped for joy with a Liverpool headed goal, as we had just bet that the Reds would score the next goal of the match… and with a header!!!

From that day on, Chema and I kept that account open and took advantage of the big occasions to get together and bet. The Super Bowl is already a classic for us, but we never miss our appointment at the big World Cup or European Championship matches… and there have even been some boxing matches where the laptop has slipped in between the Coca Cola bottles and the pizzas.

With live betting you will show what you know

Let’s see… how do you explain to your partner that watching football matches week after week is not just for fun, but can also be productive for the family economy.

The way things are. She/he knows perfectly well that when you have your football or tennis marathons, when you stay up late to watch the NBA, or when you spend hours in front of the TV watching the Masters or the tennis Grand Slams, you are not sacrificing yourself for your country, but you are enjoying yourself.

But beware, what you don’t know is that your knowledge of the medium is extensive, and that in your infinite wisdom, you are capable of intuiting that if Madrid start a game away from home thick, it’s difficult for them to get into their stride, and that if Villarreal or Celta miss their first 2 or 3 chances, the opposition can play without a goalkeeper, as they won’t score for the remainder of the game.

It is at this point that sports predictions come to our aid. My cousin’s girlfriend was telling me one day that when in basketball a team reaches the personnel bonus in a quarter, it is time to go to the points markets… and bet high.

The moral of the story is that live betting can be the perfect way to make the most of our knowledge, and at the same time, reward our patient partner with a gift or tribute for his or her understanding.

A wide variety of markets in live betting

There are many sayings that can be applied to this point, but the summary is that each of us is our own father and mother, and you may not be an eagle foreseeing goals, but you may have a sixth sense when it comes to cards or corners… or you may be able to predict if Murray is going to lose his serve just by seeing how he has served in the previous game.

What does Northern Ireland play against Scotland in the European Championship qualifiers? Well, you’re sure to have a market for betting that the next goal will be a header. What are the Warriors playing? Don’t think twice, look at the over/under markets and bet on a match with a big score… You’ll be hard pressed not to find a betting option that doesn’t suit your fancy at every moment of the match.

Betting while the sporting event is in progress offers a huge range of possibilities in all sports and in the most important events of the year. It doesn’t matter what your strong point is when it comes to watching a match or giving free rein to your fortune-telling skills. Whatever market you need, you’ll find it.

Another way to experience any sporting event

You know what I mean. Your colours are your colours, and whether it’s phobias or philias, there are always teams you want to see win or bite the dust, beyond your beloved club… and that’s what gives sport its passion. Betting live is even more exciting.

Neutrality takes the interest out of life. Whether it’s a football match, a TV series, or a quiz show with guys on an island, there’s always someone you like better or worse who gives you a reason to watch TV… if not, you’d better grab a book or go outside and stop wasting your time.

Well, if you’re looking for excitement, try betting live on football, tennis, basketball. I wasn’t lying when at the beginning of the post I told you about that headed Liverpool goal. Suddenly, an ordinary English league game took on a spectacular significance. Every attack was a struggle and a hope. We changed teams depending on the bet we had open at any given moment… and I don’t want to talk about the Super Bowl. Being able to bet on what will happen on the next drive keeps you on your toes throughout the game, and makes you want to pick up an earpiece and sing to Brady the play he has to make to get the first down that will win you the bet.

If you haven’t tried it, do it. No matter how little money you play for, the excitement will grow exponentially and you will see how a game that is of no great interest can turn into a rollercoaster of emotions.

The perfect excuse to meet up

Ever since the world began, sport has been the perfect excuse to meet up at home without having to explain too much to parents, partners, husbands, wives… There is no derby that is not worth watching with the typical friends who can hardly show up at home because they are more or less banned by the missus, nor a final that is not likely to fill the living room with food and drinks that have little healthy and a lot of cholesterol (the bad kind).

But with live betting we enter a parallel universe. Any match can be watched in society. From a Premier League match to an NBA playoff game. There is always a reason to meet up with your betting partner and spend the afternoon or evening enjoying the event in question and winning a few $s betting.

Be careful, it is not good to go overboard, let’s not set up weekly meetings, whatsapp is an invention that is perfect to be in permanent contact and it is a perfect tool to decide our next bet in real time.

Interested in live betting? Then download the new app and you can bet on your favourite team or sport at any time and from anywhere.

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