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Every artistic discipline has its paradigmatic characters, its heroes. So does sport. As sports lovers, all of us, since we were children, have always felt the thrill of seeing our favourite athlete win, we’ve been thrilled by the goals of our favourite teams and we’ve applauded with tears in our eyes at the farewells of the most emblematic players. They are role models. The world of betting is no exception, and just as every discipline has experts that endure over time, with the rise of sports betting came the figure of the ‘Professional Bettors’, people who make a living from betting and who are dedicated to making sports predictions in a professional manner.

Professional bettors are sports betting ‘tipsters’, but they go beyond the mere study of which markets, events or odds to bet on in order to obtain the maximum profit. They are experts in the world of sport who make a living from sports betting. Their day-to-day work is based on creating long-term strategies, finding tips on how to study odds and statistics to get the most out of their bets, and even finding the best bookmaker that offers the highest odds for a match or sporting event, and the best payout when depositing or withdrawing funds. In short, they focus on how to win at sports betting.

You must be wondering, how can you make a living from betting?

It is possible to do so by keeping in mind some of the best kept sports betting secrets. And, of course, we want you to be aware of what the best Professional Bettors in the market think, so we have compiled the impressions of some people who make a living from betting by asking them three basic questions that every novice or veteran bettor should keep in mind. The four pros tell us what they think about all this.

It is important to make a good odds. We call it “having value”, an odds has value when after the previous study of the match the expected odds or line is favourable with respect to the one offered by the bookmakers.

In order to make a living from betting, it is important to take into account the combined bets. When placing a good accumulator bet, we must be sure that each selection has a real probability of happening much higher than the corresponding odds. So, following the script of the first answer, to become one of the best Professional Bettors, we should look for value in the odds first. We have to know that the risk increases quite a lot when making combinations, since with a single failure we would lose our bet. For this reason, we believe that a combination bet should not usually exceed 3 selections.

It is possible to make a living from betting, but I think that the first and most important point is to be sure that your bets are good enough to opt for them and risk your money. Once you have taken this step, your goal is to make the most out of it, with different objectives (how much I bet, on which specific market, I bet on different markets, I make a combined bet, etc.).

The important thing when deciding whether or not an odds is worth betting on is the value of the odds. It doesn’t matter whether the odds are high or low. It is a matter of applying a % to the chances of success of the bet we like in question. If there is a profit in the long run, then the bet is worth it. And this is another of the many secrets of sports betting that exist.

Let’s take a practical example

I want to bet on a team whose victory is priced at 1.50. If I consider the probability of success to be more than 66.6%, that bet will be worthwhile.

For a bet at odds 5, this probability should be more than 20%. The tricky part is to get the odds right, as each event is influenced by many factors, but that is the key to success.

On a personal level, we really like the combinations, especially with double chances in favour of the team we consider favourite. Our advice is that you should not do a combination of more than 2 events. Sometimes you can try a super long shot, but the basis should be single bets and 2 event combinations, no more. It is a proven fact that long combinations are synonymous with losses, and it is one thing to avoid if you want to become one of the best Professional Bettors. It is also extremely important to only bet on sports or leagues that you are familiar with.

Becoming a professional bettor is not easy, but it is not impossible. Lately people want to prove in a short time that they can be one too, but that is not the way. To become a good professional bettor, you need a few years, a lot of effort and a lot of dedication and you need to know the secrets of sports betting. You must follow the information on the sports or leagues you bet on daily, and know how to complement it with your intuition. It is also important not to believe you are the best after a good streak, nor to sink when bad times come. There is no one infallible in sports betting and absolutely everyone goes through good and bad times.

Everyone will have their own opinion on this, there is no rule to indicate that an odds is good or bad. The bookmaker puts a probability on the chance of winning in any given event, and you judge for yourself whether you think it has a better chance than the bookmaker says it does. If so, and you think the bookmaker is even slightly wrong on an odds, you start to assess the real odds. If a bookmaker gives someone a 10% chance of winning and you think that it is wrong and that at least 15% of the odds have value, the value is minimal, because they are very few real chances. In conclusion, the value is usually used in percentages of maximum 70/30% where you believe that the underdog has a better chance than the bookmaker has set.

The most important requirement for a parlay bet is that it is actually possible to win.

We all like to win a lot by betting little, but if we want to win and make a living from betting, we must learn to bet a little more at lower odds, and win little by little instead of losing little many times.

The truth is that you don’t have to do anything special, you need to know both the sport you are going to bet on and the world of online betting. Yes, you can make a living from betting. You can know the sport perfectly, but if you don’t know and master the markets, you will never succeed. Learn to differentiate between a bettor and a tipster, they are very different things. Betting can be a hunch, but professional bettors should avoid them and have well-researched forecasts that they are sure to have a good chance of winning. To make a living from betting, you need many hours of studying the market, many hours of studying the forecast, and watching events. Nobody should think that forecasting is easy.

First of all, before knowing if an odds is good or bad, we have to analyse the match and see the types of factors that we can find. Once we have analysed the event we have to draw conclusions and study the market, that is when we see if we find a good or bad odds. When do we find a good line? The secret is, once we have analysed the match we see a high % of the line and we find its odds above the odds that should be, in more concrete terms in this world of sports betting, an odds that has “value”. When is it bad? Well, quite the opposite, when we see that a bet can come off and we find its line well below what it should be, then that is when there is no value in entering that line no matter how many chances we may have that it comes off.

In my opinion, since there are several points of view about the combined betting, when we put together 2 or 3 events we study the possibilities that can give us the combined events and give us a good odds above 2. More clearly, when combining several low odds that you see very likely to come out, it gives us a very good combined odds so that there is +50% chance.

My advice is to bet with your head, bet on what you have confidence in, wait for good bets, be patient and above all follow a strategy. Like everything in life, the same way it works, “you learn the hard way”. Well, more or less the same, you start in the world of sports betting, you get a lot of experience, you get big winnings and that’s when you think about offering your big numbers to the public. In my case I spent 8 years making my bets, getting big profits on my own, you like this world and you think to help the novice bettors or with less experience, you think to recommend bets and you start betting more like a hobby, you get the followers, you get the numbers and little by little you become a professional bettor, but learning every day new things and better methods, in this world you can learn new experiences every day.

I am going to finish by giving some useful tips to obtain profits in sports betting in the long term: “When we win we think we can make a living out of it but suddenly we fail a bet and then we want to recover what we have lost as soon as possible by losing everything we have won” Have you ever seen yourself in this situation? Yes, you can make a living from betting. But my advice is to bet with your HEAD, bet on what you have confidence in, wait for GOOD bets, have PATIENCE and above all follow a STRATEGY. Never want to win back what you lost on your last bet as quickly as possible! You will lose your entire bankroll in just a few hours.

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